Cessna Citation CJ1

The Cessna CJ1 model is classified in the Light Jet category with six seats and an enclosed lavatory. The Citation CJ1 improved upon the original CitationJet with an updated EFIS avionics suite and an increased maximum takeoff weight. The CJ1 can be single-pilot operated.

Two Williams FJ44-1A engines power the Citation CJ1 each offering 1,900 pounds of thrust and using a combined 116 gallons per hour (GPH). The range of the Citation CJ1 is 1,127 nm operating under NBAA IFR 4 passengers with available fuel.

Passengers (typical): 6
Cabin Height: 4.8 ft
Cabin Width: 4.8 ft
Cabin Length: 13.7 ft
Baggage Vol: 65 cu ft
Avg Cruising Speed: 393 KTAS
Max Cruise Altitude: 45,000 ft
Range Full: 1,075 / 1,194 NM
Lavatory: Yes
Galley: Yes